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Do you have employees who use business smartphones or tablets? And if so, are those devices, and the confidential company emails, documents, data and company applications as secure as they could be? 

With Curavar you can rest easy, knowing that you have full Security Management Control and Visibility of all your business devices – no matter where they are. By signing up for a monthly subscription you can enjoy the benefits of our mobile device management service.

MDM is a service that has emerged in recent years to combat the risks posed by many businesses’ new dependency upon mobile devices.
The security of MDM allows control of data, devices, and users. Through authentication and authorisation, only approved valid users can access sensitive emails and data with the FIPS 140-2 Compliant, AES 256 Encrypted Email Container: 

Contact Curavar today and your MDM project manager will be able to use our service to help you Secure, Control and Manage your:
  • Customer data
  •  Company documents  
  •  Company emails  
  •  Company software  
  •  All company devices  
  •  Use of company devices 
  •  Secure Connectivity – Tunnelling in without the need of a VPN Connection 
  •  Secure Browsing 
  •  Secure Apps  
  •  Secure, Share and Annotate Documents 
Curavar can also provide an MDM demo. To learn more, download the whitepaper or book a demo webinar today.