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Are you a business-owner looking to innovate and expand your capacity and customer base quickly and cost-effectively? If so, Curavar’s Platform as a Service could be just the thing you’re looking for. 

Curavar is a cloud provider that offers PaaS as standard. It’s a service that allows you to save money on staffing and hardware; as a Curavar partner you can bill and manage customers with a couple of clicks, and focus your time and resources on what’s really important. Your team will be able to monitor and manage multiple clients at the same time – in fact, minimal Human IT Resource members and effort are typically required for this task, due to the ease of use of the system platform.

There’s no compromising on quality at Curavar. We are the number one supplier of PaaS in the UK, and we have a commitment to excellent service. We utilise the latest technology, and all of our staff members are highly trained and experienced. We also operate out of our own data centres, based in the UK and staffed with in-house experts who are on hand to tackle any problems that arise.

When you subscribe to Curavar’s cloud service, you’ll get your own PaaS portal which will equip you to enjoy a number of fantastic business features:
  • Simple and straightforward billing and provisioning
  •  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems; with Curavar’s VoIP you can manage numbers and phone systems from one simple control panel, making calls from desktop phones, mobiles and computers 
  •  Isolated virtual desktops, which allow you to deploy, configure, manage, control and view your Virtual Desktop estate with complete confidence 
  •  Virtual servers, saving you money on server hardware and staff 
  •  Exchange mailboxes 
  •  Mobile device management (MDM), allowing you peace of mind when it comes to all your mobile business devices and your company emails, documents, data and applications. 
  •  White label services 
  •  Full support from Curavar experts from the moment you sign up 
  •  Deployment service and assistance is included within the price, removing the need for additional professional services. 
  •  Cost effective: Due to the level of service, assistance and support in providing partners with bespoke, fully functional configured Core Cloud Services, this often makes Curavar the only viable option for the enablement of the End-to-End Core Cloud Platform Offering. 
To learn more about how your business could benefit from Curavar's PaaS, download the whitepaper.