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Telephone and web services are becoming increasingly important for both small and large businesses, as the need for fast, reliable, and ‘always on’ communications become more and more essential. That’s why advanced solutions, such as dedicated leased lines for web, and VoIP for telephone communications, are growing in popularity within the commercial sector. There are many benefits to switching to a VoIP system in the office, with VoIP typically being easy to deploy and more cost effective than standard telephone systems, and featuring many vital business features, including voicemail, email, and call recording, for example. At Curavar, we specialise in call centre VoIP, ideal for a cloud call centre, guiding growing businesses through the best processes for integrating VoIP systems with existing software. 

Curavar can work with large, medium and small businesses, therefore of all sizes, making their VoIP dream a reality. Curavar can assist with deployment, porting numbers across and provisioning of new VoIP numbers. Our experienced team can work with you to ensure you’re getting the most from your VoIP system by using the comprehensive management system features. We can even help you to customise your system, by adding features such as call recording for compliance, or customer services functions. The software we use is compatible with many popular VoIP telephones, such as the renowned Yealink SIP and the Cisco 504 and Cisco SPA504G, giving you a wide choice of hardware for your office.

With Curavar, you’ll get...
  • Assistance with all aspects of VoIP deployment, including number porting
  • Training for your VoIP system, focusing on features and customisation 
  • A wide range of hardware options, such as Cisco and Yealink telephones 
  • Access to our dedicated team of VoIP experts 
  • Guidance through VoIP processes, such as buying and provisioning numbers as needed 
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