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While VoIP is becoming increasingly common among business users, ISDN is still very much the dominant form of telephony, which can create challenges. That’s why many companies are now looking at SIP trunking for their BT ISDN line, which enables them to make all calls over their data connection. Thanks to data packets that are sent across the network, traditional telephone lines become obsolete, helping to reduce communications-related outgoings. At a time when security and continuity are major concerns for businesses, upgrading a BT ISDN to SIP can also be beneficial in terms of backup. 

If you’ve been thinking about ISDN vs SIP, there’s really no contest. On a ‘per channel’ basis, SIP is by far the more cost effective option of the two. It tends to be more flexible which gives businesses greater control over their communications, and there’s the added advantage that SIP is generally very low latency, minimising dropped calls to help improve customer service and, of course, business reputation. If your business is contemplating moving from ISDN to SIP trunks, then rest assured that SIP trunking is now a very well established telephony solution, providing major benefits to help streamline VoIP communications, and ultimately proving to be a much more convenient solution for organisations.

Curavar are here to help you with your SIP trunking needs. We can assist in all aspects of BT ISDN to SIP, including obtaining quotes, helping with deployment, porting numbers, and answering any questions you may have about ISDN, SIP, and VoIP telephony.

With Curavar, you’ll get…
  • Expert advice from our professionals relating to all aspects of VoIP and SIP trunking
  • Affordable quotes from the country’s leading providers 
  • Assistance as needed, including help with deployment and porting numbers 
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