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Curavar can help you to get the most from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has fast become a world leader in global cloud computing. Enabling businesses to store and deliver data efficiently, and most importantly, securely, AWS is now a top choice for many organisations around the world, offering a wide range of beneficial infrastructure services. 

Due to the broad nature of these services, AWS can be a complex system to navigate, which is why a growing number of companies are choosing to work with cloud experts like Curavar. 

We can help to make using AWS simple, enabling businesses to further grow and develop. Our team can assist with all aspects of AWS installation and integration, including architecture design and deployment, along with any necessary platform agnostic help. 

Along with AWS support and AWS application support, Curavar also offer dedicated and comprehensive assistance for developing, running, and managing applications using Platform as a Service (PaaS). 

The Curavar PaaS Platform is now offering businesses the chance to utilise cloud services such as virtual servers without the need to build and maintain a complex infrastructure.

With Curavar AWS support, you’ll get…
A dedicated Project Manager / Team to work with you on any deployment requirements.
• Support and guidance for comprehensive AWS Management
• Training for simple day-to-day use of AWS and any other AWS applications
• Access to AWS experts whenever you need them
• Knowledge, technologies, and essential tools to fully secure your AWS environment
• Ongoing architecture design and deployment support
• With the ability to be able to add additional Technical Team members knowledge and resources when required, adding to in-house teams.
Whether you’re a newly established start-up, or an existing business looking to develop and expand, Schedule a callback using the form on the right and a member of our team will call you back.

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