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Do you own or manage a business with a high-speed internet connection? If so, have you looked into the unique benefits your business could be missing out on? In this day and age, almost all successful businesses operate over the internet. As a result, many people go out of their way to sign up for the best fibre broadband business packages, like BT Infinity – but only a minority actually make the most of that high-speed connection.
One of the best ways to utilise a speedy internet connection is to subscribe to the kind of secure cloud services offered by Curavar. Subscribing to a cloud provider means you can scale down on IT staffing and hardware costs, easily integrate with your existing infrastructure, and only ever pay for the resources you use – during busy periods, you’ll be able to "scale up" as needed.

When it comes to using a cloud provider like Curavar, you can enjoy a package of fantastic features, enabling you to streamline the day-to-day running of your business. The main feature is Curavar’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). This is used to manage and deploy the following:

• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems

• Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which hosts virtual desktops in the cloud

• Virtual servers, saving on the money you would spend on server hardware

• Mobile device management (MDM)

• Email

• An easy-to-use control panel, which allows you manage and deploy with one click
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