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More and more businesses around the world are choosing to adopt Microsoft technologies, such as Azure, which provide the most effective and efficient solutions for their needs. However, it can often be challenging, time consuming, and costly for organisations to manage tasks such as architecture design, architecture deployment, and migrating servers to Azure, using existing resources. That’s why many companies are opting to work with cloud computing experts specialising in Microsoft applications, like Curavar. Curavar can provide businesses with comprehensive Azure support, leaving them with more time to focus on productivity, growth, and development, leaving the ins and outs of the cloud to us. 
Curavar’s Azure support makes it easy to transfer existing software to Azure, enabling the quick and simple migration of in-house applications. We work to minimise, or even remove incompatibilities, enabling a seamless migration and hassle-free deployment, and lowering the cost of integration.

Whether you’re migrating servers to Azure for the first time, or integrating Azure into your day-to-day operations, Curavar is here to help. Our Azure support service is flexible and customisable to your needs; we can take over all aspects of Azure support, or simply be on hand for staff cover as and when required. We’re proud to have a dedicated Azure support number, helping you to reach the correct technical resource quickly, and ensuring your Azure troubleshooting is undertaken efficiently, minimising downtime and promoting on-site productivity. Ultimately, Curavar are here to maximise your return on investment, making sure you’re always getting the most from your Microsoft Azure business account.

With Curavar, you’ll get…

A dedicated Project Manager / Team to work with you on any deployment requirements

• Access to Microsoft certified experts for all aspects of Azure support
• Full Azure support, including assistance with migrating servers to Azure
• A dedicated Azure support number for quick and simple access to our team
• Training and advice for using Azure on a day-to-day basis
• Ongoing architecture design and deployment support
• With the ability to be able to add additional Technical Team Members Knowledge and Resources when required, adding to in-house teams
Whether you’re a newly established start-up, or an existing business looking to develop and expand, Schedule a callback using the form on the right and a member of our team will call you back.

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